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Body Transformations


Although I’m only 4 short weeks into my first ever SCF experience I can without a doubt see my body changing. I live in Nevada and I was hesitant because I wasn’t sure if I alone had the drive to get myself the results I wanted... but Stacey assured me I could do it! I always wanted a great toned body, but for some reason was too afraid, lazy or busy to take the right steps to go out and get it. Soon I realized I was not alone, that I had a group of people going through the same thing and an amazing leader. I wake up every morning and my body hurts in places I never knew existed, and my most self conscious areas have slowly begun to disappear! At this point I’m utterly devoted to Stacey’s instructions, the workouts, the diet, and most of all myself. Stacey Cooper is the guidance I needed to shed light on the new person I want to become inside and out.



Saturday Recipe

Posted by on Jul 27, 2013 in recipes


Power Scramble Sandwich Ingredients 3 egg whites 1 chive chopped 1 cup spinach copped ½ orange, red or yellow bell pepper ½ light string cheese chopped Pepper and garlic to taste 2 slices turkey bacon 1 whole wheat English Muffin toasted   Scramble egg whites, veggies and cheese together. Slice cooked turkey bacon. Put eggs [...]

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Wednesday’s Exercise

Posted by on Jul 24, 2013 in fitness, squats, workout


Partner up! Facing your partner, grasp each other’s right hands. With free hand hold a 5-10lb dumbbell. Go into a deep squat while pulling away from each other. When returning to standing punch left arm up for overhead press. Complete 15 reps each side.  

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